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H-JMotorsports.com | Main

Our awesome home website introduction page complete with all of the most pertinent information and highlights of this business of building a race car to compete in Outlaw Index Drag Racing, Sales and Service of our business sections and more.


H-JMotorsports.com | Drag Racing News Blog

The Outlaw Index Firebird is a racing machine no doubt, we keep you apprised on what is going on with our attempts to get into the winners circle at all of our events or put on the best possible race with courtesy and class. This is a large page of very cool results and drag racing information in a Blog Style Format.


H-JMotorsports.com | Team H & J Motorsports

Let us tell you about ourselves and who we are, a family oriented team working the dream of being top in the class of this highly publicized "Heads Up" Drag Racing.


H-JMotorsports.com | Our 2012 Schedule

Come see us at our racing events through our schedule already for you. We frequent many tri state area racing venues and competitions including the large nationally promoted events. This is your racing source for our Outlaw Index Firebird.


H-JMotorsports.com | Product Specials

We are not just a racing team, we are also a full service business and as this goes, we offer specials on products you are looking for at the right prices and availability, we will feature a bevy of performance parts and installation services at intervals, stay up to date here on the best deals all around.


H-JMotorsports.com | Hi Performance Products

As compared to many of the "Summits, Jegs, Paw's" H-J Motorsports can compete and meet your expectations of products and availability through our large warehouse inventories at hand, we pride ourselves on high quality parts and make your decision an easy one through our technical experience don't speak with a drone, speak with a real user of may parts and become a prized customer, we strive to make sure you go fast look good and stay competitive with our performance edge.


H-JMotorsports.com | Performance Racing Service's We Offer

Our full service shop can handle all you performance needs, from engines, suspensions, chassis tuning, nitrous installation, fuel management masters and our specialty race car wiring, we can take care of you and have you become a customer for life.


H-JMotorsports.com | Customer Service

Take our word for it, we are proud of our business and take our customer service equally seriously, we involve ourselves and make sure you are fulfilled when choosing us as your personal race or performance aftermarket dealer or services center.


H-JMotorsports.com | Our Racing Firebird

We take much time out of our year to not only promote the racing venues in the tri states but to hit the winners circle as often as we can. Our Outlaw Index Firebird is one of many hard driving drag racing machines in this class and we do put on a show and come to the winners circle often, check out the details of what makes this car run as good as it looks.


H-JMotorsports.com | Multimedia

Our multimedia section will be growing this season and into the next years as we keep it on the track and we gain more exposure through much of the press on the internet and published media. Stop in and view our photo galleries, videos and of course grab a high resolution desktop wallpaper for your computer screen in wide format for today’s monitors.


H-JMotorsports.com | Sponsors and Sponsorship Of H & J Motorsports

Noting the sidebar on each page we take much pride in our sponsors and show them with as much exposure as we can possibly give them, the sidebar appears on every page and we dedicate a full page to them also.

The is another feature that we as racers always need and that is YOUR sponsorship, we offer our sponsorship proposal in this page and a full description of what we can do for you as a prominent race team in the Northeast.


H-JMotorsports.com | Forums

Places on the internet we go to for chat, information and some relaxing conversation through various forums, stop in and become a member on one and find us to socialize.


H-JMotorsports.com | Customer Testimonials

How could we not provide you with feedback from our many customers that use us for parts and services, we take much pride in presenting the client / customer testimonials for you to view. As they come in we will surly begin a long page of satisfied clientele.


H-JMotorsports.com | Privacy Policy


H-JMotorsports.com | Performance 101 Racing Linkage

Our huge selection of High Peformance Racing Links for you to easily find the best drag racing links in one spot


H-JMotorsports.com | Contact Us

Your directory of contacts in all forms, business hours, work schedules, e mails, phone numbers and more, we are always there for your service and parts needs.


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