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Ending 2016 On A Good Note...Make That A GREAT Note!!!

Posted December 5th 2016

H-J motorsports Firebird 2016 8.50 Index championship season It will be nice to get everyone back on track here and give you a wrap up of another fantastic winning season for the H & J Motorsports 8.50 Index Firebird.

The shop has been busier than ever and it seems like I am working on my own group of 8.50 assassins for the 2017 season,lol; but our team was still out there this year at races, shows and appearances to help promote all of our marketing partners.

We made it to more than 12 races, ended up with three wins, our first NHRA Wally at the Dutch Classic, and our 3rd 8.50 Index Track Championship in the last four years, this time at Maple Grove Raceway.

H-J motorsports Firebird 2016 8.50 Index championship seasonNone of this is possible without the help of a great crew..my son Matt assuming more of the race day duties and my wife Jackie doing what she has done all these years for the team, making sure every single detail is addressed and ready to go for race day.

Our many long time sponsors as well as newer ones have helped keep the H & J Motorsports Firebird in tip top shape, allowing me to do my job and get to that winners circle over and over and look great at our many shows and appearances.

Special thanks go out to all of you...

H-J motorsports Firebird 2016 8.50 Index championship seasonRedhorse Performance for quality hoses and fittings, MSD for all of our ignition products for the last 20 years, Nickerson Performance and the dead on carburetor he provides us, Mickey Thompson Tires giving the firebird awesome traction pass after pass, RJS Safety keeping me safely belted in and helping me stop, Nitrous Pro Flow keeping the power coming to the motor, TRZ Motorsports and their awesome suspension components, Autometer gauges allowing me to keep an accurate eye on everything, Moroso products throughout to round out the entire winning package that brought us to the season's end with such oustanding performance, reliability and safety.

The entire H & J Motorsports team is looking forward to 2017 as we will once again run in the Northeast and defend our title at Maple Grove Raceway.

H-J motorsports Firebird 2016 8.50 Index championship seasonWe are also looking forward to helping our customers become better drivers and being able to battle it out with a great group of racers week after week in this hotly contested series and class.

We will soon begin the task of updating our 2017 8.50 Index Series schedule as soon as the surrounding tracks begin their mission of supporting the series and finalizing theirs to accentuate one of the most important aspects of what we do at H & J Motorsports...Promotion and product awareness of our many great sponsors.

Please check back often as we will be featuring new marketing partners, showcasing existing ones, updating our 2017 schedule and keeping all of our fans on top of exciting season.

H-J motorsports Firebird 2016 8.50 Index championship season H-J motorsports Firebird 2016 8.50 Index championship season
H-J motorsports Firebird 2016 8.50 Index championship season H-J motorsports Firebird 2016 8.50 Index championship season
H-J motorsports Firebird 2016 8.50 Index championship season H-J motorsports Firebird 2016 8.50 Index championship season
H-J motorsports Firebird 2016 8.50 Index championship season H-J motorsports Firebird 2016 8.50 Index championship season


H & J Motorsports Releases Our Drag Racing Schedule For 2012!!

See Where The Outlaw Firebird And H-J Motorsports Will Be In 2012
Posted January 22nd 2012

2012 Drag Racing Schedule The new year is now making way for the racing season. H-J Motorsports is glad to announce we have compiled our latest 2012 Drag Racing / Swap Meet / Car Show schedule for all our fans and clients to stop in and see us race or purchase our products right at the track.

We have ammassed a large following of dedicated customers, we always have something you need or have great access to getting right away at any event.

Stop by and see us at any of the races and events in our schedule.

Stop In And See Our New 2012 Racing / Sales Schedule Here


H & J Motorsports is proud to announce Safety-Kleen as a 2012 marketing partner

Saftey-Kleen; We make green work
Posted January 18th 2012

www.safety-kleenWe make it safe.
With our extensive closed loop infrastructure, the industrial wastes we handle never leave our hands. The people we put in the field are among the best trained and most knowledgeable in the nuances of compliance regulations. That’s why we can confidently extend an industry-best, ironclad guarantee for compliance.

We make it clean.
Safety-Kleen is the leader in developing innovative equipment for specialized cleaning needs. From auto garages to printing presses, from your corner dry cleaner to industrial fabrication plants, we tackle the most difficult cleaning jobs. Along with the dirt and grit, we eliminate the environmental hazards.

We make it pure. Safety-Kleen owns and operates the largest re-refinery of used oil in North America. Currently, we recycle more than 200 million gallons of used oil annually returning it to the marketplace as clean, reusable motor oil. We are rapidly increasing capacity to meet the booming demand. We make green work.
Please welcome them and be sure to check out The Safety-Kleen website for more information on this great company!!!


H & J Motorsports is pleased to announce King Engine Bearings to the H & J Team for 2012!!

Our Sponsorships Continue To Grow
Posted January 14th 2012

www.kingbearings.com We have been using King bearings in our own engines for years with great success and feel honored to be flying the King Bearing logo for this racing and show season.Founded in 1960, King Engine Bearings is a world-class developer and manufacturer of engine bearings for automobiles, light to heavy-duty trucks, marine, aviation, standby power and other types of internal combustion engines. King's only product is engine bearings. As a result of its specialization and focus, the company is recognized for producing the highest quality engine bearings available in the market today.

The King line includes OEM replacement rod, main, cam bearings, and thrust washers and its special range of high performance bearings. King’s extensive coverage of domestic and import engine bearings ship from its main distribution center in Cedar Grove, N.J. and 11 strategically located factory branch warehouses.

Through the years, King has developed and maintained a philosophy of constant improvement, from bearing design and engineering to customer service. The company is a certified TS16949 (automotive) and AS9100 (aerospace) manufacturer, producing to the highest statistical quality control standards.

Please stop by our pits and pick up the latest King Bearing literature and feel free to ask any of the H & J Team any questions you might have and how to go about purchasing these bearings for your project.

Visit King Engine Bearings Here


H-J Motorsports 2012 Drag Racing Wall Calendar Available

High Quality Drag Racing Calendar of the H-J Motorsports Firebird
Posted January 11th 2012

H-J Motorsports Online Drag Racing Calendar Store At Cafe PressProduct Information
Welcome To the H-J Motorsports Online Store. Just in time for the new year, we have a brand new high quality 2012 Wall Calendar of our Outlaw 8.50 Index Drag Racing Firebird for immediate purchase. One of a kind custom photos of wheels up Drag Racing Action!!

Keeping track of important dates on your calendar is easy when you can view 12 months of inspiring images that reflect your personal interests. Our high-quality calendar is printed on thick 100lb cover weight paper and adds impact to any room.
  • Each page measures 11" x 8.5"
  • Measures 11" x 17" when hung on wall
  • Full bleed dynamic color
  • 100 lb cover weight high gloss paper, wire-o bound
  • January 2012 - December 2012, 2013 preview, US holidays marked
Satisfaction Guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee*
Shop from home with the comfort of knowing that your order is backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee. This 30-Day Guarantee gives you plenty of time to check items for color, high-quality, and size for yourself, family and friends. If for any reason you need to return or exchange an item, just contact our Customer Service department and you're done!

Visit Our Online Store Here At Cafe' Press


2011 Shakedown At E Town 8.50 Index Qualifying Highlights and Results

Fonse Performance vs H-J Motorsports
Posted November 18th 2011

You really can't argue the fact that when 66 cars show up for one class it's reminiscent of older days of drag racing where the class was affordable and people genuinely saw the "like" factor in it. Street appearing cars running mid 8's all day side by side at speeds well over 160 for a full quarter mile is a street racers idea of a great day at the track. Some would say it's bracket racing but please take a look at NHRA and see the definition for both "Bracket" and "Sportsman" and you will get the idea it's not; running "Heads Up" on an index and a fast one at that is in the higher echelon of street racing classes that have evolved from classes like this. These cars are certified doorslammers only cut-off by their index set at 8.50. The Shakedown has been known for its large attendance of 8.50 racers and the close 1/4 mile racing they give the fans plus the added bonus of wheels up "Old School" quick 8's launches. Skill, tuning, preparation, and a good grasp of your duties as a driver are your only advantage.

The Western Beef 8.50 Index racers were fast through the lanes on their four qualifying sessions with a complete two Friday night, one on Saturday and another held early Sunday morning. Most of these racers run the 8.50 Index series at the local tracks all year and a certain few only come for one race and it's the Shakedown At E Town that draws them.

Long time racer at E Town Mike Grosseto led the qualifying with a dead on 8.500, followed by Joe Alagna 8.500 and returning 2010 champion of this class Brian Ferrari 8.502. Delon Pleasants posts up an 8.505 with the very cool Dodge Dart of Clinton Cranston punching out wheelies on each launch 8.506. Andrew Cannizzo is in the mix easily with a solid 8.509. Ed McGuinn's 80 Trans Am makes the ladder too at 8.511. Zachery Obert leaves an 8.511 on the boards followed by Bill Verzilli "Verzilli Racing" in the bad black Camaro hanging the tires high 8.511. Dave Defresne 8.513, Mike Sullivan 8.514, Charles Weslowski 8.514 are all tight in this ladder so far.

Shawn Gallagher a fan favorite hits his mark well 8.515. Rob Poochigian gets the Chevelle down the track deep in the mix, last year he wowed the crowd with an incredible save 8.516. Luis Martinez is pretty much where Outlaw 10.5 was originated with his RX7. This little red Chevy powered RX7 is one of the original Outlaw cars of years past now seeing duty in the 8.50 speeding his way to an 8.516. Scott Derenzo 8.518 and Craig Cusamano in his gorgeous 70 Chevelle 8.520 begin the start of the split into .520's. Michael Ziccardi has moved to turbocharging his Duster 8.521. Harry Gerb "H-J Motorsports" keeps the fans excited seeing a show quality car yank the fronts and run the number well 8.522 with another Mopar, Adam Sailor tearing it up at recent races 8.527 in the "Sublime Green" Demon. Sal Kazalski 8.530, William Sanford 8.531, Ralph Rubino 8.535 are all in the race with little to no worries of their ladder placements.

The "Feared" Marty "Lil Man" Brown as he's called is off his pace as he has been winning area races all over in different organizations and local track series, most have it in their mind he may be the next big name to shoot out of this class in the "Marty Brown Racing" Camaro 8.535.

Gary Massenzio 8.539, with John Goss a finalist in 2009 running an 8.540. Alfonse Magliocco in the Fonse Performance Camaro is low on the ladder but "Al Fonse" as most know him has the skill and the "Large Team" behind him again as he does at most his races 8.542. Jason Penna 8.551, Rodger Purdy 8.555 are both in the .050's area with Lance Summar 8.560 and Tony Russo who we've seen in years past overcome the obstacles of a true street car that can run this number with the wheels in the air well past 100ft 8.563. Joe Albrecht ends the 32 car field with his wild Monte Carlo putting up a good 8.565.

Western Beef 8.50 Index Drag Racing Round One Eliminations:

Harry Gerb definitely had his sights on making this one count against the reigning champ Brian Ferrari, Gerb puts together an .031 8.501 @ 157.87 for the win as Brian Ferrari's .060 8.533 @ 158.26 was a step behind in the "Mean Green" Chevelle.

Western Beef 8.50 Index Drag Racing Round Two Eliminations:

Harry Gerb in one of the closest races with eventual winner Al Fonse jumps into a wheelie off the starting lineWith some of the big players already out of the game, round two would again have more upsets in store. Ed McGuinn .208 8.805 @ 139.63 takes his win as Louis Martinez .064 17.663 @ 45.58 breaks and slows for a loss. Adam Sailor is getting the most out of the "Mighty Mopar" .040 8.696 @ 150.41 not allowing Jason Penna .017 8.748 @ 152.45 to move on. Joe Alagna and John Goss leave with identical .085's. Alagna 8.607 @ 153.93 takes the stripe first and Goss heads back to the pits .085 8.655 @ 162.18 Sal Kazalski almost unbeatable combination .036 8.508 @ 160.79 upsets Shawn Gallagher .066 8.530 @ 161.27 Mike Grosseto's .036 8.522 @ 162.57 run forces Bill Verzilli .071 8.485 @ 161.15 to break out trying to catch him on the top end. Joe Albrecht is steadily moving past opponents, his .049 8.551 @ 153.93 was too much for "Lil Man" Marty Brown .079 8.568 @ 158.20 to contend with, the hopeful for this race was now back in the pits for the rest of the race.

You'd think that a set of numbers like Harry Gerb just put up would be a win .044 8.511 @ 159.16 unless you had Alfonse Magliocco Jr giving this as a rebuttal for the win ".019 8.500 @ 158.46" with the only "dead on 8.50" of the eliminations, that is one of the best all around sets of numbers you will see in a fine end to this session.

Western Beef 8.50 Index Drag Racing Final Eliminations:

Only in this type of "Heads Up" doorslammer racing could number 28 and 32 qualifiers meet ousting many of the top names. Its sheer skill and determination for this group tuning to perfection and imposing their will on the other with almost "Street Racing" like finishes and the ability to get into the other drivers head.

Alfonse Magliocco Jr .012 leaves well on his opponent Joe Albrecht .025 but Albrecht will pour it on just too much breaking out 8.481 @ 156.57 as Alfonse Magliocco Jr puts up another solid run 8.565 @ 159.63 taking the title of the 2011 Western Beef 8.50 Index Champion back to their shop in New Jersey "Fonse Performance". The large family of Team Fonse Performance gathered for photo ops in the winners circle as they are always at the races in a tight knit group. Congratulations to "Al Fonse" on his amazing run to the title through the Shakedowns tough racers.


H-JMotorsports Drag Racing T-Shirts, Clothing and Apparel

Drag Racing Blog Post "April"
Posted April 26th 2011

drag_racing_ t shirts_front_viewH & J Motorsports announces its brand new drag racing T-Shirts for drag racing track and casual drag racing apparel wear are now for sale both online and through contacts on our website and race tracks / swap meets.

Be one of the wheel standing 8.50 Index drag racing fan base and grab a great new design from Ultimate Printworks.

A highly detailed screen print shirt both front and back showing the H & J Motorsports Firebird in action with the back covered in our sponsors and slogan. Almost every possible inch of this shirt is printed front and back to get the most "Bang For The Buck".

We are also looking into sweatshirts coming soon so stay tuned on this page or our home page for upcoming news about this plus a paypal button to make purchases online fast and easy.

The shirts are heavy durable fabric for long lasting color by one of the top drag racing t shirt designers. Colorful and exciting in breathtaking design, all elements of your favorite firebird are mastered in an illustrated art form. The details alone set these tee shirts apart from the rest.

Visit Our New H-JMotorsports Drag Racing T-Shirts, Clothing and Apparel Page Here


H & J Motorsports is very pleased to announce our new marketing partner for 2011 - FONSE PERFORMANCE!!

Drag Racing Blog Post "March"
Posted March 28th 2011

Fonse PerformanceFonse Performance was established in 1975 by Al Fonse Sr. They are a family owned and operated business. Al Sr. and son Al Jr. run the shop and do all of the research and development, designing all of there "Dyno Proven" engines. Wife and mother Denise does all the "behind" the scenes accounting.

They are located in Southern New Jersey, 15 miles East of Philadelphia and 40 miles north of Atlantic City, New Jersey. They are conveniently located near the Delaware River, Atlantic Ocean, Atco Raceway, Englishtown Raceway, Bridgeport Speedway, East Windsor Speedway and Maple Grove Raceway.

For over 3 decades Fonse Performance has been building quality HIGH PERFORMANCE ENGINES for all forms of racing and pleasure use, including: pleasure and racing boats, street, strip and circle track cars. Our experience in racing came from owning race cars and boats They take pride in their engines and parts, they only sell what they know and what they have proven in their "State of the Art" Machine Shop, which includes a Superflow SF-902 Engine Dyno.

Their primary focus is customer satisfaction. Creating and maintaining long term customer relationships comes naturally at Fonse Performance with their philosophy: "We are here for you when you need us."

fonse-performance-racing-shop fonse-performance-engine-dyno.jpg fonse-performance-winners-circle

With over 30 years in the business, they have dedicated their company to top quality engine building services MADE IN AMERICA. Please join us in welcoming FONSE Performance and the entire Fonse family to our team!!!


H & J Motorsports Welcomes Our Newest Sponsors

Drag Racing Blog Post "February"
Posted February 11th, 2011

Total Seal Piston Rings:

Total Seal Piston RingsH & J Motorsports would like to welcome Total Seal Piston Rings as sponsor for the 2011 racing season. We are very proud to represent this company and the fantastic piston rings they manufacture.

In late 1999 Total Seal moved into our new 32,000 square foot facility in Phoenix, Arizona. It houses the latest in research and development equipment, manufacturing machinery and technology focusing on developing and manufacturing piston rings for any and all applications.

Our rings continue to show up on the world's fastest, from Winston Cup to IMCA to IRL, from marine to drag racing, oval track to off road - nobody builds piston rings that seal better than Total Seal.

We run Total Seal Piston Rings in our very own engine so look for us in the winners circle!!


MorosoH & J Motorsports would like to welcome Moroso Performance Products as sponsor for the 2011 racing season. All of us have one of the many great Moroso products on our street or strip cars, and the H & J Firebird is no exception.

Moroso Performance Products is one of the worlds most respected suppliers of automotive equipment for racing and street performance applications. Moroso manufactures over 3000 products, from oil pans and oiling systems, to ignition wire, ignition components, valve covers, fuel system equipment, air cleaners, hard-core racing tools, chassis and suspension equipment, marine performance engines and numerous other performance parts. The company has an impressive list of customers, ranging from grass-roots racers to top level NASCAR Nextel Cup and NHRA/IHRA race teams.

The Connecticut based manufacturing operation is home to three of four branded product lines, which include the flagship Moroso Performance Products, Competition Engineering - The Chassis People and Moroso Marine (Engines). The company also owns Moroso Wire Technologies, a state-of-the-art ignition wire manufacturing facility in Philadelphia, PA.

Dick Moroso was responsible for many innovations in the high performance industry. He was instrumental in nurturing the warehouse distribution (WD) network, which became an integral step in supplying the growing number of speed shops appearing in every corner of the country. In addition, Moroso pioneered many racing products including deep-sump oil pans, electric water pumps, tall valve covers, lightweight front drag tires, racing vacuum pumps, and others.

In November 1998, while the company was celebrating its 30th anniversary, Dick Moroso lost a year-long battle with cancer, leaving the Moroso tradition of innovation, quality and integrity in the capable hands of his son Rick, who in 1997 was named president of Moroso Performance Products.

The Moroso heritage also continues with our constantly updated manufacturing and quality control systems. Computers with the latest CAD/CAM software have replaced the drafting tables and the Moroso plant is filled with sophisticated CNC machinery, including turret punch presses, turning centers, lathes and robotic welders. The combination of highly skilled craftsmen and highly accurate machinery guarantees that the tradition of quality started by Dick Moroso over 36 years ago will continue throughout the coming decades.

As we move forward to the future, you can count on Moroso's continued commitment to the values that have consistently earned it the respect of the performance aftermarket industry.

We are proud to have such a great company in our corner for the 2011 season.

Please stop by our trailer and pick up a free 2011 Moroso catalog and sticker. All of the Moroso products can be purchased through H & J Motorsports.

Nitro-Plate Coatings:

Nitro Plate CoatingsH & J Motorsports is proud to announce our new sponsor for 2011—NITROPLATE!!! We have used Nitroplate coating on our headers and exhaust for the last 2 years and they produce an incredible finish and look that we expect of a coating company,

Why Nitro-Plate…. Simply put, Nitro-Plate guarantees your satisfaction. Whether you choose Nitro-Plate Bright or Nitro-Plate Satin, we promise you'll be impressed. If for any reason you aren’t completly satisfied, give us a call. You won’t get the run around. We’ll gladly do what it takes to take care of the problem.

Nitro-Plate isn't just another faceless big box company. We are racers and hot rodders just like you. You will see us at trade shows and manufactures midways, but more importantly we'll see you in the staging lanes, rod runs, car shows and cruise-ins.

If you're a drag racer, our contingency sponsorship programs are unmatched by any other high temperature coating companies.

Please join me in welcoming Nitroplate to the H & J Motorsports Firebird and be sure to check out the incredible finish they have provided for us when you see us at the race track or car shows


The H & J Motorsports Drag Racing "Grind"

Drag Racing Blog Post "July"
Posted August 1st, 2010

Photos Courtesy Of goDragRacing.org and GoneDragRacing.com

H-Jmotorsports.com At Super Chevy 2010With July temperatures spending much of the time in the mid to upper 90's, I can only come up with one phrase to describe the racing over the last four weeks....THE GRIND!!!

H & J Motorsports had a very full schedule of racing mixed with selling High Performance Parts and supplies planned for July, it definitely wasn't an easy month.

Rolling into Super Chevy Show at Maple Grove is always a fun event we look forward to for our team and sales inbetween rounds at a great track. We were met with some much needed rain but it did nothing to rescue all the racers and spectators from the intense humidity that had it's grip on the entire region for the rest of the event even more so the month in general.

H-Jmotorsports Firebird Burnout At Super Chevy 2010It was four days of intense heat mixed with great racing and selling products that we had set up at our pits sales display. Thanks to all racers, spectators and public that purchased racing parts from usor just stopped by to say hi.

H-Jmotorsports Parts Sales At Super ChevyWe also want to relay our thanks to all that stopped over to check on me and the car after our small qualifying incident where our lane had a back window fly out of a car ahead of us scattering glass on the track slowing us down for a scary moment we don't want to relive with any mishaps after recomposing ourselves and repairing the Outlaw Firebird from our last "PINKS" wheelie.

Going out in the first round was a big disappointment for our entire team, but we survived the heat to race again!! Special congratulations to our friends Lou Vasgar (runner–up main race) and Ron Reigal (winner-last chance race)

Englishtown Raceway Park's 8.50 Index Drag Racing Series

H-Jmotorsports Index Drag Racing Raceway ParkOur next stop on the "Grind" was Englishtown Raceway Park's" 8.50 Index Drag Racing Series the following Friday after Super Chevy Weekend. Team H & J Motorsports rolled into the pits and saw corrected altitudes of over 3000' all night!; another hot one for sure.

Our Mickey Thompson 10.5 tires were doing everything they could to get ahold of the slippery race track. We met up with Brian Ferrari in the semi finals and that was all she wrote for us.

Congrats Brian Ferrari who went on to win his 4th event at Englishtown in a row.

Atco Raceway Index, Outlaw 10.5, Extreme 275 Drag Radial Drag Racing Series

H-Jmotorsports Index Drag Racing At Atco Raceway With Chutes OpenFinally getting a Saturday off we got some much needed work done in the shop on a killer 64 Nova ( pics will be up soon ) for extreme 275 drag radial and also reset the rig and headed down to Atco Raceway for Sunday's event. Atco's event had Outlaw 10.5, extreme 275 drag radial, 8.50 index as well as a few other classes.

Even in the heat the turnout was pretty good and every class had some great side by side racing. The H & J Motorsports Firebird qualified well only to miss the #1 spot to friend and customer Scott Shepherd.

Congrats Scott on going #1!!

After a second round loss to Brian Ferrari, mother nature decided enough was enough and with multiple reports of bad weather coming we quickly packed up watched as the storm crushed us and dropped the temperature about 20 degrees in just 15 minutes!! The event was cancelled for the rest of the day and with the money split it was time to get out of there.

Leaving Atco still in first place in points was a good feeling but July definitely wore out the H & J Motorsports team with five races in four weeks!!

We get a much needed weekend off before heading to Cecil County Dragway on August 7th for the Saturday Street Car Shootout Series.


Cecil County Street Car Shootout July 3rd

8.50 Index Drag Racing Session

Photo Courtesy Of Tyer Fryer George Watters

Cecil County IndexHeading to Cecil County Dragway on July 3rd for the monthly Saturday Street Car Shootout by Finishline Performance, we were looking to move up in points after missing the last race. The racing and competition in 8.50 was awesome as usual with 19 cars trying to get in the 16 car field.

The H & J Motorsports Firebird qualified 4th with an 8.516 and it seemed most of the racers were on kill and very close to the index every run. We got derailed in the second round with a losing 8.52 to Mike Good, who went on to beat Mike Pyott in the finals. Congrats to both Mike and Mike for a great showing.

The Firebird is all serviced and ready to rock this Friday night at E-Town and then off to 4 days at Super Chevy July 15-18th where will be selling our products as well as racing in the show.


Atco Raceway Super Saturday 8.50 Outlaw Index

The H & J Motorsports Firebird Goes On To The Semi Finals

Harry Gerb Of H & J Motorsports On His Way To A Semi Final Atco Super SaturdayThroughout the last few weeks Team H & J Motorsports thrashed to get the Outlaw 8.50 Index Firebird back into winning form and into the race series points with help from my wife Jackie, son Matt, crew chief Mike Doak.

Coming off an Atco win last month we had high hopes of a repeat on June 26th we opened up the weekend with a trip to Atco Raceway's "Super Saturday" under tremendous circumstance's of heat and blazing sun with paint still tacky on the gleaming Firebird in some places.

We certainly had no chance to really test the car after such major damage though with our cylinder head problem, after qualifying we found we barely missed a step in keeping our numbers right where we needed them.

After the repairs to the motor, we were very happy to see it running well again and also qualifying in the top half of the field with an 8.53. Our first round began with our competitor Scott Shepherd taking the loss to our win 0.031 8.574 @ 157.56 though we knew we had to step it up if another "W" would be in our column for round two. Michael Conway gave away his chance against us going red as we still couldn't get the car to get past the times we had before with high humidity and still scorching heat into the night, we ran the car out to a 0.022 8.571 @ 158.56 to head into another semi final.

We had the eventual winner Al Fonse JR. take us out on 0.003 8.582 @ 158.59 Holeshot win against our still formidable 0.041 8.548 @ 158.97 now picking up the ET and MPH. Congrats Al and Team Fonse!!

This is the outcome of our trial in competition after the HUGE wheel stand at Pinks All Out as we are now still leading in points as of 6-26-2010.


Raceway Park's Index Drag Racing Series

The H & J Motorsports Firebird Fathers Day Weekend Debut

June 18th
Photos Cortesy Of www.GoneDragRacing.com "Seth"

Firebird Debut At Raceway Park IndexWe finally got the car all fixed and looking great again and our first time back to 8.50 competitions was at E-Town on June 18th for their Index Racing Series.

"Yes just 34 days from our wheel stand that heavily damaged the Firebird!"

I was welcomed back by everyone and asked by a few prior to the first pass if I was a little nervous letting go of that transbrake button, I knew that all the preparation and repairs were performed flawlessly by myself and crew but yes I was a little "curious" as to what was gonna happen!!!!

Right down Broadway with an 8.58!!, What a good feeling! After a few small adjustments we were well qualified and readied the car for eliminations. We made it to the second round and met up with Ali Buscio "Buscio Racing" who did a great job and beat me with the Firebird slowing up a touch unexpectedly. Upon further inspection we did have a small problem pointing to the cylinder heads that made my "fathers day" not so great.

By 10 AM that morning the motor was coming out of the Firebird and being taken apart.

Once again thanks go out to Rich Maitre Ram Racing Performance Cylinder Heads for letting me drop the heads off on that Sunday and getting them all done and repaired for me to pick up Monday. A late night thrash got the motor all back together and with the help of our crew it was back in the car and fired up Tuesday night!!!


H & J Motorsports Begins Repairs On The 8.50 Index Firebird

Rebuild Of The Race Car And Chassis Damage

Rebuilding Complete On The Firebird Race CarWebsters Thesaurus Defines: "Rebuild"
Function: Verb
To make extensive repairs to: reconstruct, to restore to a previous state.

This is just what Team H-Motorsports had to pursue to complete the repairs of the Firebird Race Car after the massive Wheel Stand.

Much of the car was bent and out of shape, with the help of Peotters Auto Body, TRZ Motorsports, Lemons Headers and Harry Gerb's Crew Chief In Training "Matt Gerb"; the car became whole again in a short period of time through much labor. Needless to say, anyone that saw or heard about our wheel stand from PINKS could only imagine the damage to the Firebird. Not skipping a beat, we immediately had the car apart and evaluated to see the full extent of the damage. The list of parts that needed repair or replacement was pretty long. The car needed headers, lower a-arms, rack, front shocks, oil pan, trans pan, parachute, front bumper, and of course every fiberglass body panel from the firewall forward needed repair and fresh paint. H & J has great sponsors and businesses that we deal with and recommend to OUR customers and with all these peoples help, we were able to get the car repaired very quickly.

Harry Gerb's Son Matt Takes Time Out Of His Busy DayThe chassis underwent straightening, Peotters Auto Body checked and repaired the frame and then was left to repair and repaint the entire front end. New suspension parts added, TRZ Motorsports was able to help us with the Contral Arms and a new rack to get the car going straight and true again.

A thorough check of the frame and components followed with painted body parts and full installation of the engine tuned to its singing roar from the Lemons Headers who made us another set of awesome headers that fit perfect as expected. Once again The H & J Motorsports Firebird was on the ground and ready to roll out to an event.

The Chassis Ready For Firebird Body PartsThe car not only took shape quickly but all repairs were handled with meticulous precision and attention to details since this car shows as well as it goes.

I also need to thank my wife Jackie, son Matt, crew chief Mike Doak, as well as our many friends and well wishers. They all pitched in where needed to get us back out and competitive again in the 8.50 index.

Now in the images below, follow the progression of the build up and repairs to the Firebird Race Car.

Each Image Opens In A Larger Window.

Rebuild Of The H & J Motorsports Firebird Progress Photo 1 Rebuild Of The H & J Motorsports Firebird Progress Chassis Nearing Finish Rebuild Of The H & J Motorsports Firebird Progress TRZ Control ArmsRebuild Of The H & J Motorsports Firebird Progress Steering Rack In Place

Rebuild Of The H & J Motorsports Firebird Progress Engine Compartment Ready Rebuild Of The H & J Motorsports Firebird Progress Team Member Lends A Hand Rebuild Of The H & J Motorsports Firebird Progress Race Car Chassis RepairRebuild Of The H & J Motorsports Firebird Chassis Damage

Rebuild Of The H & J Motorsports Firebird Chassis Reconstruction Rebuild Of The H & J Motorsports Firebird Chassis Alignment Rebuild Of The H & J Motorsports Firebird Chassis Repairs Nearly DoneRebuild Of The H & J Motorsports Firebird Chassis Repairs Complete, Body Parts Ready

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H & J Motorsports Wild Wheelstand

Putting The H & J Motorsports Firebird On The Bumper at Pinks

Harry Gerb Of H & J Motorsports At The High Point of the giant wheelie at Pinks all out Maple GroveOne of the most popular attractions to a racer is to be chosen for the ever popular "Pinks All Out" television show with Rich Christensen. A street racing style event with no numbers posted and not known to the fans or racers and starting both opponents with an arm drop instead of the Christmas tree.

Cars are chosen by times close to each other to create a field that will be very close in door to door racing.

Qualifying always has its highlights and lowlights as Harry Gerb found in the gigantic Wheelie he performed during the qualifying session.

Harry Gerb, & J Motorsports launching hard prior to the wheelie at Pinks all out Maple GroveThe Teams 1968 Firebird is usually a hard launcher but this one just took it to the air as seen in the below photo sequence taken by a fan in the stands.

Gerb's Firebird came out hard and kept climbing towards the sky as it stayed straight, all tires came off the ground with only the parachute saving the car from a total backward flip, landing hard after flying for what seemed to be forever in the vertical position.

The landing was severe to say the least with the gleaming Team Firebird bending and breaking parts under the stress of the force, major damage incurred to most of the suspension components and went all the way to the engine hitting the underside of the hood.

This car is as immaculate as it is competitive, the friends, sponsors and H & J Motorsports are banding together now to repair the damage to get the car ironed out for his continuing raid on the area 8.50 Index Series which Harry Gerb has dominated in the opening season with two wins, a runner up and semi final appearance.

Harry Gerb Of H & J Motorsports Starting his Climb At Pinks All Out Maple Grove Harry Gerb Getting more air under the firebird Harry Gerb Of H & J Motorsports Starting The Wheelie At Pinks All Out Maple Grove

Harry Gerb Of H & J Motorsports Wheelie Sequence Begins At Pinks All Out Maple Grove Harry Gerb Of H & J Motorsports Giant Wheelie Sequence At Pinks All Out Maple Grove Harry Gerb Of H & J Motorsports Crashing Down After Giant Wheelie At Pinks All Out Maple Grove

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H-J Motorsports Takes Atco's Outlaw 8.50 Index Win In Season Opener !!

Breaking All Barriers, Wind and Pollen At Atco Raceway

View The 2010 Atco Index / Outlaw 10.5 Gallery Here By goDragRacing.org

H-J Motorsports Take Giant Win At Atco Raceways 2010 Season Index 8.50 OpenerHeads up racing is picking up in the Northeast and so were the winds at Atco Raceway this past weekend!!

All of the 8.50 racers were racing with Sue Verzilli on our minds as we dedicated this race day to her. Sue is the wife of one of our own 8.50 racers Bill Verzilli and she recently passed away. We miss her dearly.

The H & J Motorsports Firebird team was up to the challenge of the shortened track and index of 5.45 and found its way to the winners circle for the second time in the last 4 races.

Coming off a runner up at Englishtown and a semi-final finish at Cecil County, none of the 8.50 index racers figured we would be running 1/8 mile but all of them adapted very well and provided some great door handle to door handle racing throughout the day.

Our Nitrous Pro Flow nitrous system preformed flawlessly and the Mickey Thompson Tires had no problem getting a hold of the Atco racing surface and after qualifying rounds and some small adjustments to our MSD Ignition, we found ourselves just a tick fast and qualified in the bottom half of the ladder.

Working our way through the elimination rounds and very windy and sometimes tricky starting line conditions, the entire 8.50 field provided great round after round racing. Ending the day in the finals with a win and a 5.46 elapsed time on the 5.45 index was the icing on the cake for this tough day of racing.

H-JMotorsports.com Outlaw 8.50 Index FirebirdA very special thanks goes out to my wife Jackie and son Matt who couldn't make the race but were cheering me on via live feed from GoneDragRacing.com. Also thanks to my crew Mike Doak, Doug, Scott and Pete.

Special thanks to all of my sponsors, Nickerson Performance, MSD Ignition, Mickey Thompson Tires, Autometer, Nitrous Pro Flow, Wilson Manifolds, TRZ Motorsports, AC Transmissions, ISC Racers Tape, Mike's Racing Heads.

Products and services from all of my sponsors can be purchased through H & J Motorsports, as well as many other street and racing parts.

Next stop is at Maple Grove Raceway on May 14th and 15th where the H & J Firebird will be competing at PINKS and hope they pick a field of 8.50 cars!!!

Stay tuned!!!


The H & J Motorsports Racing Team Starts 2010 With 8.50 Index Win.

After ending 2009 with a frustrating runner-up finish at the Shakedown @ E-Town, the team had the entire winter to count the days till it could reprieve itself and get back to the finals and ultimatley back into the winners circle.

H-JMotorsports.com, High Performance Street, Strip And Performance PartsCecil County and the Streetcar Shootout was the first target on the schedule this year and with beautiful weather, the H & J Firebird was just .003 fast with an 8.497 in the first qualifier.

Making sure we made the show, we slowed the car up a touch and ended qualifying in sixth place out of a 16 car field and prepared for some great competition in eliminations with some fo the best 8.50 racers in the area.

Every round was quality competition and with a great car, some good driving and as always luck, we secured our first win of 2010.

Special thanks for this win goes to my crew chief Mike Doak, wife Jackie and son Matt--without them none of this would be possible and they make my day so much easier with the tasks they perform so that I can concentrate on driving.

Special thanks also goes out to all of our sponsors that provide us with quality parts and support. MSD, Wilson Manifolds, Nitrous Pro Flow, Micky Thompson Tires, TRZ, Autometer, Nickerson Performance, AC Transmissions, Mike's racing Heads.

Products and services from all of my sponsors can be purchased through H & J Motorsports, as well as many other street and racing parts. www.hjmotorsports.com

The 2009 Shakedown At E Town Recap

H & J Motorsports, Runner Up At The Quickest And Fastest Drag Race In The World

As Seen In The Pages Of RPM Magazine

By GoDragRacing.org

View The 2009 Shakedown At E Town Gallery Here By goDragRacing.org

Mark Bowen Qualifies number one using www.jandeperformance.com powerDuring the years of constant improvement or modifications of Outlaw 10.5, Drag Dadial and Heavy Street rules some racers were left in a bind to want to compete at a level equal or near the original ideas set forth in the now what is known as Outlaw 10.5 but they possibly didn't want to move to a level like that but instead this group of racers abided by strict rules to create an Index class that could give them a venue in which it was skill of both team and tuner to compete. The Shakedown At E Town 2009 8.50 Index was the outcome, based early on as a chassis cert divided class but eventually moving to a quicker certification as the cars can also play in various classes without to much effort. Some may like to call this bracket racing but NHRA states it is an Index on a higher level than pure drive anything in and write a number down to compete. Running 8.50's gives the fans a great race, older cars back on the track and most of all, the close racing we all want to see but in a quarter mile format. The surrounding tracks offered their support and created a series that has flourished over the years and now precision, precise, and intricate measures give us tight racing at each event. Dave Hance thought this through when including the Index and the racers didn't let him down creating the largest field of all for the weekend with an added bonus prize money pot set forward by Bill and Sue Verzilli of "Verzilli Racing" by racers and fans of this class. Seventy one cars bought a tech card and sixty seven came to the line to do battle of both skill and tune, most in a very professional manner as you would expect from dedicated racers in team uniforms, staging help and a speedy set of sessions that made the day just a particularly good experience. A lot of wild wheels up action and high speeds fulfilled the gamut of cars that headed to the line.

Marc Schankweiler's nova from www.marschanmotorsports.com powers out a Shakedown at E Town WheelieThe Index racers were the first called to the lanes looking for one of thirty two spots in the very cold morning air, after the first session it was realized they had either too much or too little with only nine cars qualified within the range of 8.50 to 9.00 so their next opportunity would be final and the guys and girls turned it on big time filling the ladder on the second qualifier and nailing down some close racing to be looked forward to. Mark Bowen and Joseph Liano would put down the same numbers but Bowen would have more MPH to grab the number one spot 8.504 @ 156 as Liano 8.504 @ 146 would have to sit in second place based on his MPH with Marc Schankweiler 8.5218 @ 155 "Marschan Motorsports" coming in third out of this HUGE amount of cars with NMCA Wheelie Man John Langer in his All Motor Pontiac 69 Trans Am replica posting the 8.648 @ 158 and Tommy Romeo burning up the boards with Top MPH 8.566 @ 170. The field is set and now we have 32 cars in the running all within .114 of the top qualifier.

Western Beef 8.50 Index Presented By Finelines Automotive "Racing Highlight Photos and Wallpapers":

Rob Pullers Index IROC Camaro Pulling The Wheels High Action !!Bill Verzilli of www.verzilliracing.com exploding off the line in the rs camaroNeal Heyman In His Camaro Comeback with wheelie bars this year www.heymanracing.comStandout Racer TJ Kasper Just Missing A run to qualify in the www.kasperskorner.com mustang

Mike Grosetto's hard launching Camaro in the night light ran under the indexRon Rhodes powers out a wheelie in index eliminationsThe supercharged 56 chevy screaming through a burnoutGreat nightime Camaro wheelie action

Nice mustang wheelie from Dave Acker running under the indexBen Birds awesome burnout in his index Camaro at night

See The Full Qualifying Below:

  • 1: Mark Bowen: 72 Nova 565, - 8.504 @ 154
  • 2: Joseph Laino : 65 Nova 498 - 8.504 @ 146
  • 3: Marc Schankweiler: 66 Chevy II 421, - 8.521 @ 155
  • 4: Gary Romonoyske: 69 Chevy Camaro 468, - 8.528 @ 161
  • 5: Scott Derenzo: 70 Chevy Vette 525, 8.529 @ 161
  • 6: Richard Gardner: 80 Malibu, 555 - 8.532 @ 148
  • 7: John (Jack) Pereira: 69 Ford Mustang 525 - 8.533 @ 161
  • 8: Andrew DeMarco : 82 Ford Mustang 427, - 8.533 @ 150
  • 9: Bobby Moran : 82 Chevy Camaro 356, - 8.538 @ 164
  • 10: Joe Basso: 72 Camaro 421, - 8.541 @ 148
  • 11: Jason Penna: 86 Ford Mustang 555, - 8.548 @ 159
  • 12: Brian Ferrari: 66 Chevy Chevelle 632, - 8.548 @ 148
  • 13: Ron Rhodes: 68 Camaro - 8.557 @ 155
  • 14: Mike Carvalho: 79 Ford Mustang 358, - 8.558 @ 141
  • 15: Mike Conway: 86 Vette 565, - 8.559 @ 163
  • 16: John Ashnault: 95 Ford Mustang 347, - 8.564 @ 160
  • 17: Tommy Romeo: 71 Chevy Nova 632, - 8.566 @ 170
  • 18: William Sanford: 64 Chevy 8.566 @ 160
  • 19: Ernie Zambri: 87 Ford Mustang 412, - 8.579 @ 159
  • 20: Paul Wright: 70 Chevy Camaro 8.579 @ 158
  • 21: Harry Gerb: 68 Pont Firebird 496, - 8.580 @ 160
  • 22: Michael Thompson: 80 Chevy Camaro 408, - 8.584 @ 157
  • 23: John Albrecht: 85 Chevy 555, - 8.589 @ 159
  • 24: Artie Lompado: 68 Pontiac 8.591 @ 158
  • 25: Angelo Valla: Corvette 8.595 @ 160
  • 26: Ali Buscio: 84 Buick Regal 516, - 8.602 @ 156
  • 27: Glenn Hunter: 56 Chevy 540, - 8.604 @ 158
  • 28: Mike Pyott: 68 Camaro 8.623 @ 156
  • 29: John Goss: 78 Chevy Camaro 555, - 8.635 @ 159
  • 30: Rob Poochigian: 67 Chevy Chevelle 565 8.639 @ 158
  • 31: Mike Ziccardi: 73 Duster 382, - 8.642 @ 164
  • 32: John Langer: 69 Pontiac TA 525, 8.548 @ 158
  • 33: Scott Shepherd: 69 Camaro 565, - 8.652 @ 160
  • 34: TJ Kasper: 93 Ford Mustang 8.678 @ 139
  • 35: Joaquim Pedro: 99 Ford Coupe 300, 8.679 @ 167
  • 36: Bill Verzilli : 69 Camaro 648, - 8.861 @ 155
  • 37: Mike Romeo: 74 Chevy - 8.692 @ 155
  • 38: Jeff Castaldo: 69 Camaro - 8.692 @ 146
  • 39: Sal Kazalski: 71 Chevy Nova - 8.706 @ 160
  • 40: Mike Grosseto: 94 Chevy Camaro 707, - 8.772 @ 154
  • 41: Wiso Melendez: 66 Chevelle, - 8.780 @ 139
  • 42: Bill Cannon: 68 Camaro, 548 - 8.798 @ 158
  • 43: Cinton Cranston: 69 Dart, 540 - 8.799 @ 148
  • 44: Neal Heyman: 69 Camaro, 555 - 8.840 @ 151
  • 45: Nick Dompierre: 87 IROC, - 406 - 8.922 @ 156
  • 46: Eric Molinet: 67 Camaro - 8.943 @ 149
  • 47: Carlin Swint: 85 Buick Regal 565 - 8.960 @ 163
  • 48: Wayne Welsh: 84 Mustang: 347 - 8.987 @ 121
  • 49: Joe Timinski: 8.991 @ 134
  • 50: Robb Puller: 86 IROC Camaro 427 - 9.010 @ 127
  • 51: Bill Gorafsky: 69 Ford Mustang, 500- 9.091 @ 153
  • 52: Billy O'Dowd: 69 Nova, 632 - 9.110 @ 127
  • 53: Robert Chizenski: 9.182 @ 144
  • 54: Thomas Favata: 67 Chevy, 406 - 9.381 @ 131
  • 55: Louis Ferrari: 85 Mustang, - 427 9.410 @ 116
  • 56: Garry Massenzio: 87 Camaro 632, - 9.701 @ 162
  • 57: Brent Beachley: 71 Chevy Nova 496, - 9.837 @ 105
  • 58: Steve Gill,: 72 Dodge Dart, - 9.979 @ 154
  • 59: Andrew Smith: 95 Blazer, - 555 - 10.225 @ 140
  • 60: Andreas Karampelas: 72 Nova, 510 - 13.143 @ 67
  • 61: Rick Long: 13.900 @ 62
  • 62: Mike O'Sullivan: 90 Mustang, - 8.485 @ 164
  • 63: Dave Acker: 91 Mustang, 525 - 8.484 @ 161
  • 64: Shawn Gallagher: 79 Mustang, 427, - 8.468 @ 146
  • 65: Joe Alagna: 69 Camaro, 540 - 8.446 @ 140
  • 66: Ken Bird: 81 Camaro 350, 8.431 @ 157
  • 67: 1540: 8.340 @ 161
Western Beef 8.50 Index Presented By Finelines Automotive Eliminations Round One:
Mike Pyott In His Index Camaro Charging off the line at the ShakedownRound one of eliminations went off without a hitch, the racers had more than they bargained for with changing weather from the qualifying sessions as race day was well into the seventy degree's from their mid to low 40's when their qualifiers went down. With a full field it was only a matter of getting both ends of the track right against your opponent and keeping the tune up. The racers were quick into the lanes and through their round session as first cars called on Sunday morning with Jason Penna .023 trouncing Glenn Hunter's beautiful supercharged 56 Chevy .318 with a quicker ET but too much left on the line 8.653 to Penna's 8.703 @ 146. John Langer usually a man of steel on the tree abruptly deep stage fouled out in his loss 8.591 @ 159 to John Ashnault's .359 9.661 @ 156. Marc Schankweiler "Marschan Motorsports" kept the Nova on the straight and narrow to the finish .082 dropping a solid 8.559 @ 149 on the clocks with his lane partner Ernie Zambiri also a .082 but a slower 9.063 @ 158. Angelo Valla a regular at E Town knows the track and though late on the tree .131 he put down a tough to beat 8.534 @ 152 against the blown Camaro of Bobby Moran, .096 8.614 @ 157. Standout 8.50 racer in the area Rob Poochigian tried a little too hard leaving on red -.016 8.663 @ 139 to winner Mike Carvalho .113 8.568 @ 146 going another round.

Wild Wheelstand At Night By John Langer At The ShakedownLong time Raceway Park Hero Brian Ferrari took the tree .022 and the win light 8.579 @ 145 against Mike Pyott "Pyott Racing" and his father in charge while it launched hard but squirrelly with big power from induction solutions nitrous assist .058 9.157 @ 155. Mike "TNT" Thompson usually a tough prospect gave Richard Gardner a run for the beams in a losing effort .079 8.548 @ 158 to Gardner's winning .029 8.545 @ 156. Michael Ziccardi .169 9.144 @ 161 got an open pass winning his round by way of red light start from Mike Conway -.011 8.580 @ 164. Paul Wright put on a top end charge 8.998 @ 155 as the .088 light was deadly against .032 8.694 @ 139 by winner Gary Romonoyske's package. -.011 8.580 @ 164. The "First Lady" of 8.50 Index racing "Ali Buscio" recently on a winning streak for "Buscio Racing's" husband and wife team took out a slowing Joe Basso .039 16.3 @ 48 with a good set of numbers to work with for the next round .066 8.623 @ 153. Last years runner up in this contest of skill John Goss again found the red light staring him down with a deep stage foul 8.48 @ 162 while Ron Rhodes worked his Camaro just right to the tune of .096 8.516 @ 162, Rhodes is a favorite in the area for his wild action. It wasn't a good day for the Vettes in the class so far as Scott Derenzo would deep stage foul also 9.232 @ 159 with Harry Gerb running the ultra clean "H-J Motorsports" Firebird out the back door 8.470 @ 160 to test it's muster.

More Camaro Wheelie action From Mike RomeoArtie Lampado .092 had no choice but to chase down Andrew DeMarco .068 after this good start but Demarco would be the first to drop a perfect 8.500 @ 155 on the boards and Lampado runs under 8.496 @ 159. Not often do you get the number one qualifier and top MPH racers paired up in the first round, but they did at the Shakedown Mark Bowen left with his usual good light .019 and not wavering from his solid numbers 8.515 @ 156 under J & E Performance Power while Tommy Romeo .043 again had big MPH but no win light .043 8.641 @ 170. John (Jack) Pereira would also set the deep foul light on red leaving John Albrecht on a full open pass for tuning next round .118 8.496 @ 160. The shoebox Nova's were in the beams and a brilliant race ensued, Joseph Laino was stung on the tree .291 but came back with a strong 8.515 @ 155 against and equally good run by William Sanford .114 8.698 @ 159 for the final pairing in this session.

Western Beef 8.50 Index Presented By Finelines Automotive Eliminations Round Two:
Ali Buscio Wheelies Off The Line At The Shakedown at E Town 2009After the early morning frost had lifted from the panels of the race cars in the Index, the late morning sun brought the temps up considerably also affecting most racers tune but the track was solid and hooking hard for good starting line action in this heads up class. Gary Romonoyske followed his earlier winning ways .059 8.589 @ 146 dropping Brian "Mean Green" Ferrari out of the battle for the title on his home track. Ron Rhodes put together a great combination of reaction time and ET .092 8.58 @ 161 but couldn't best a firing on all cylinders Harry Gerb rocking another round win .106 8.535 @ 156. Michael Ziccardi left a little too much on the tree .162 against John Albrecht .123 to have any room to play on the top end losing to Albrecht 8.653 @ 162 to 8.644 @ 153. Andrew DeMarco is coming on strong with the Mustang .090 8.513 @ 150 to drop John Ashnault from the next session losing with a .162 8.653 @ 162. Mike Carvalho was slapped with a .014 by opponent Richard Gardner to his .142 on the tree and Gardner finishes off his pass 8.599 @ 152 to a losing Carvalho 8.608 @ 147. Mark Bowen again left no room for error or games on front or back of the track after a brilliant package .061 8.509 @ 155 while Angelo Valla struggled to match his opponent on the top end in one of the closest races of the day .069 8.556 @ 161, this is what it's all about, old school drag racing. Ali Buscio had the reaction time on the tree nailed down .020 but dropped off the ET 8.629 @ 157 needed to beat Joseph Laino .114 and a mean 8.515 @ 157 matching MPH with Buscio, the MOV on this run was a mere .080. Hopeful for a winning effort for the fans of the well known True Street Chevy II of "Marschan Motorsports" Marc Schankweiler spent his time n the pits replacing the rear for this round only to find his transmission was gone and too much time had gone by as he was solid all weekend so far. Jason Penna takes his bye run .079 8.647 @ 159 to finish the rounds and the racers moving into the quarter finals chomping on the winners circle bit already loaded up for the next round.

Western Beef 8.50 Index Presented By Finelines Automotive Eliminations Round Three:
Jason Penna Works The Mustang Hard In The 8.50 Index RoundsWith so much going on in the day for other classes involved in the Shakedown 2009 you'd think the Index racers would get lost in the mix, forget that, fans of close racing and hard launches sat tight in the bleachers for more action from these guys as the day went on. Jason Penna .017 would put John Albrecht on the trailer via holeshot to Albrecht's .114. Penna would be the slower of the two 8.618 @ 157 as Albrecht put up another great number in his loss column 8.523 @ 160 the MOV on this race was in fact .002 to the winner, just awesome. Richard Gardner again took full control of both ends of the track knowing his ride well .021 for him to the losing Joseph Laino .035 in a double under run or "Breakout" 8.483 @ 155 to the loser as Gardner was less on the foul 8.491 @ 159. Gary Romonoyske continues to blaze a rail of numbers that are particularly hard to beat .021 8.518 @ 154 was a notch in his belt as the yellow Camaro would see another round after ousting a tough Andrew DeMarco .103 unusually late on the tree and running under 8.497 @ 148. Mark Bowen probably the most feared of the day with his consistency dropped into the beams too deep and caused a deep stage foul as the Nova was now out of it for the day 8.545 @ 154 as Harry Gerb moves ahead into the semis running the Firebird out again seeing how much grunt he would need to pull out of it .114 8.470 @ 159.

Western Beef 8.50 Index Presented By Finelines Automotive Semi Finals:
Harry Gerb's Outstanding Index Firebird Going RoundsThe Semi Finals featured a great blend of great American muscle from the early years and the flavor of the well known quick 8 cars from years past. Harry Gerb in the 68 Firebird met with Jason Penna's classic fox body Mustang. Penna gets the jump on Gerb .023 to .036 respectively as Gerb lays down the big block power on the top end taking the win and a trip to the finals 8.548 @ 159 while Penna would have to watch his hopes go down in hundredths of a second 8.576 @ 153. Gary Romonoyske was playing hardball with the best all day and not faltering or wavering as opponent Richard Gardner in his Malibu was also taking numbers and names throughout the rounds. Gardner .031 bested Romonoyske on the tree .051 but the final numbers would show Romonoyske taking charge in the cooler late evening air for the win and trip to the finals 8.547 @ 154 to Gardner's losing effort but standout competitor all day 8.588 @ 158.

Western Beef 8.50 Index Presented By Finelines Automotive Finals:
Gary Romonoyske The Shakedown At E Town Index Champion and his 69 CamaroNighttime in New Jersey had fallen on the Raceway Park facility as two of the strongest machines both in gleaming early F Body sheet metal pulled into the lights to begin the burnout phase. Both Muscle cars, the 69 Camaro of Gary Romonoyske featuring Big Block Chevy power of course and the glimmering red show stopper of the now defunct Pontiac company Harry Gerbs Firebird from "H-J Motorsports" of 1968 vintage who had come to the track on Friday with a completely fresh 468 motor and no passes on it as it was wasted from an earlier weekend of racing and thrashed on just before the racing was to begin as a bare block was all there was in the early Friday morning, this was a night for a great story of the mental and physical heart these racers put into their sport. As fans awaited, the tree dropped and Gerb was way too late on the tree .150 for an opponent like Romonoyske .034 as Gerb would try and recoup what he lost on the line but ran under the index 8.492 @ 160 in a losing effort as Gary Romonoyske had to have known he had this one wrapped up with a solid 8.600 @ 146 leaving Gerb no room for a come from behind win. Gary Romonoyske now goes back to New York as 8.50 Index champion of the Shakedown at E Town 2009 plus $5,000 the richer for his strong showing.

Western Beef 8.50 Index Presented By Finelines Automotive Final Stats / Awards ET MPH
Champion "Gary Romonoskye" 8.600 146.53
Runner Up "Harry Gerb" 8.492 160.18
#1 Qualifier "Mark Bowen" 8.504 155.02
Top Speed Tommy Romeo 8.566 170


The Shakedown At E Town 2008 Review

H & J Motorsports, Qualifying Number One In The 8.50 Index

As Seen In The Pages Of RPM Magazine

By GoDragRacing.org

Harry Gerb On His Way To Number One Qualifier In 8.50 Index RacingNew for this year is one of the Northeast?s quickly rising classes and also the largest of the Shakedown At E Town 2008 with fifty nine cars trying to get into the running at Raceway Park. Many have said this is the new replacement for Outlaw 10.5 racing without the extreme budget and the surrounding tri state tracks have all seen this and responded well with great "Heads Up" racing. The call for thirty two cars was in order for this high flying group as can be seen in the photos when Neal Heyman launched his 69 Camaro on the bumper and into the wall ending his day Number one qualifier Harry Gerb brought the complete package to the show, taking number one spot with a dead on 8.50 @ 158 in his sparkling Firebird that shows as well as it goes. James Price was on the bump with an 8.59 and these are not bracket cars yet the drivers are exceptional. Notables include the youngest driver and leader in many of the local events T.J Kasper; at less than 18 years of age this phenom has proven his skills, Bill Verzilli also a native of the area brings a bad black Camaro into the game and it is bad. Mike Pyott a big player in the short history of this type of racing comes into the race with guns blazing in his fresh Camaro as does best appearing winner Marc Schankweiler. This is a tight group and no one could guess the winner, place your bets now.

View The Entire Shakedown At E Town 2008 Gallery Here By goDragRacing.org

Western Beef Outlaw 8.50 Index Presented by Finelines Automotive Eliminations:

Competition was like none other as the real advantage is at the light and not a single car in this class dropped the dreaded red bulb to oust themselves, all runs were side by side wheel standing action. A major upset was young TJ Kasper taken out by the wiley veteran Bill Verzilli. Number one qualifier Harry Gerb was beat on a hole shot by Bill Cannon. Brain Mitchell, Jason Penwa, Brian Ferrari, Rockin Rob Cherkas, Shawn Gallagher, Joe Alangna, James Price, John Goss, Darren Harris, Bill Cannon, Rob Poochigan, Mark Bowen, Andrew DeMarco, Mike Pyott, and Robert Baptista all advance with tight racing.

James Penwa, Rob Poochigian, Bill Verzilli, Joe Alangna, take their wins, as Rockin Rob upsets Mark Bowen, John Goss again wheel stands his way to the 1/4 finals, and Bill Cannon is dead straight on making a final with stout performances.

John Goss, Brian Ferrari, Bill Verzilli, and Bill Cannon all advance. Rob Poochigian saves his immaculate Chevelle from impending disaster with the wall incredibly.

Bill Canon 8.50 Index ChampionDown to the final four and the money rounds, Bill Verzilli shreds the ring and pinion losing his hopes for a win as John Goss takes the stripe; Bill Cannon forces Brian Ferrari to break out trying to recover from Cannons hole shot .008 light.

Final Session:

Maryland native Bill Cannon see's light at the end of the tunnel as does John Goss who are now in the limelight and geared for a great final. Cannon trips the tree.08 and John Goss leaves early with a re light start giving away the $5,000 in prize money and Bill Cannon is crowned the first ever Outlaw 8.50 Shakedown At E Town Index Champion of 2008. Return to top

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