H-JMotorsports Outlaw Index 8.50 Firebird Specifications 2010
Outlaw 8.50 Index Drag Racing 1968 Firebird Team

H-JMotorsports.com Outlaw Index 8.50 Firebird Specifications 2010 and Details

The Build Up Specs Of The H-J Motorsports Outlaw Index Firebird For 2010


h-jmotorsports.com firebird specs index 2010

H-J Motorsports gives you a breakdown of the specifications of what parts, labor and supplies went into the "Build Up" of the Outlaw Index Firebird Race Car for 2010. Over the winter it has gone through immaculate refurbishing and its performance enhancements are documented below giving you everything from body to safety aspects of this wild Firebird coming to an event near you. Read More About Where You Can See This Outstanding Machine In Our Schedule For 2010. Enjoy Our Information !!

H & J Motorsports 1968 8.50 Index Pontiac Firebird

Body Style

Type: 1968 Pontiac Firebird
Fiberglass: Glasstek Cowl Induction Hood
Paint: Peotter's Auto Body - Summit, NJ

Chassis Specifications

Style: 25.5 NHRA Certified Stock Style / Four Link
Wheelbase: 108 inches
Built by: H & J Motorsports
Rear End: 9 inch Ford - Strange
Front Suspension: TRZ Motorsports Upper And Lower Control Arms
Brakes: Wilwood Disc Front and Rear
Tires: Mickey Thompson ET Fronts, 10.5W Rear
Wheels: Weld Racing 15x3.5 Magnum "Front" / 15" Magnum Drag 2.0 "Rear"
Weight: 3050 lbs.
Front / Rear Shocks: HAL QA1 Ajustable Coil Over Front And Rear
Chassis set-up: H & J Motorsports

Engine / Transmission Specifications

Type: Chevrolet Big Block
Displacement: 498 Cubic Inches
Horsepower: 852 hp on motor - 1050 hp w/NOS
Cylinder Heads: Dart 345 by Mike's Racing Heads
Pistons: JE Performance
Rods: Eagle Connecting Rods
Intake / NOS: Wilson Manifolds / Nitrous Pro Flow
Carburetor: Holley 1050 CFM Dominator By Nickerson Performance
Fuel: Racing Gasoline
Ignition: MSD Ignition / 7AL Box And Components
Starter & Water Pump: CSR Performance Products
Headers: Lemons Headers Coated
Hoses & Fittings: XRP
Transmission: Turbo 400 by AC Transmission
Converter: Neal Chance
Safety Equipment: Simpson, RJS & CSR Performance

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